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A Little Goes A Long Way...

Does anyone else get caught up in thinking that I have to plan my time for yoga (also known as stretching)?

Pre-Covid I would teach my two days and then had four other days where I would regularly attend a yoga class. Once the in-person option was taken away from me I quite stretching in general. I’d been taught that it’s better to do 10 minutes then none at all. I’d also been told that if I could fit 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night that practice would be so much more beneficial then not doing ANY yoga because I didn’t have 30 to 60 minutes to devote to the practice.

I’ve noticed these past couple of months that I have less energy than normal and chalked it up to being wintertime. I have most energy in the morning. In my mind it makes me seem like I even have less energy in the latter part of the day due to it getting dark earlier this time of year.

However, after careful consideration I realized that the fact that I am not stretching and participating in what was almost a daily routine that this lack of movement could be contributing to my reduced energy levels.

In her book, “Stretching for Dummies” LaReine Chabut talk about how when we stretch, we use our energy more efficiently. Basically, it takes more energy for a muscle contracted to move. “Stretching increases circulation of blood and oxygen to your muscles, which can improve energy levels, increase vitality and encourage waste removal from your tissues.”

Not only has my energy been more drained, but also my mood has been a little less optimistic and happy than what I consider “normal.” Healthline released the article, The Benefits of Stretching and Why It Feels Good, in August of 2020. Part of the article talked about stretching and its relationship to releasing endorphins. “Endorphins are chemicals produced by your central nervous system and pituitary gland that function as neurotransmitters. They have greater pain-relieving effects that morphine and cause a feeling of euphoria when they bind with receptors in your brain.” I have been making a conscious effort to find that time in my day the past two weeks and have started to feel more energized and calmer. Can you find ten minutes a day too?

Stay tuned for an update later this month featuring photos and description of some stretching/poses you can do from a chair during your lunch break!

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